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We're Going Live!

Yesterday afternoon Alexander's world changed!
He had his CI turned on.

I had this moment played out in my mind for the past couple of days.

Alexander would have his CI turned on, he would look and smile at us when we would call his name and we would embrace, then cry with relief that everything was going to be better for all of us because our son could now hear.

It pretty much went as I had envisioned, how often does that happen? I had so much fear that this would be one more test that he would fail, one more time that my hopes would be shattered. Not this time.

There were a lot of happy glances and looks at each other wondering,

"is this really happening?"

When we went into the office his audiologist hooked up the CI to the computer to monitor it and make sure all of the electrodes were working. All 22 looked great. What a relief. Then it was placed on Alexander. From that point on it was all play.

A noise was made.
Did Alexander hear that?
Let's turn it up a bit.
Another noise was made.
Did he hear that? Yes!
Okay let's turn it up a bit and so on.

He seems to really enjoy his CI. He fell asleep with it on the drive home and woke to the car door opening.
We are going to have to get used to this boy hearing.

I didn't cry until I got home and watched the video.
I pinched myself.
Yes, this really happened!
Our deaf baby can hear noise.

Thank you for you prayers.
We are blessed to have tremendous friends and family like you to support and love our family through this little miracle.


Melinda said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Mom to Toes said...

What a great activation! I think it is one of the best I have seen. That laugh is too much!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Congratulations! What great footage you got too! Now the journey really begins...