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We have a bionic ear here!

It was EARLY in the morning! We were all tired, but so glad to be there, except Alexander.

Alexander and his "take me home now" expression.

Pre-surgery photos.

Do you like my painting suit below? They are pricey, but it does the job. Next time I should hold out for the cute scrubs. With my suit on I was able to take him back to the operating room. Honestly, you can never prepare a mother to watch her child go lifeless on the surgery table. Isn't that the hardest thing?
I cried.

During the surgery they found that Alexander has rotating cochleas, which causes deafness. Most likely it is a genetic disorder but we will not know until we do further genetic testing. Since the cochlea was not in its normal spot it made the surgery "a little more challenging" is what his surgeon said. Let's just say we are THANKFUL Alexander's surgeon is very experienced and he knew how to place the implant in his cochlea so the electrodes would successfully activate the nerve.

Despite that, Alexander had a successful surgery.
Thank you for your prayers, the doctors said they felt guided as they operated on Alexander. They know he is a special boy. I would have to agree.

Here we are in the recovery room. This is his little hand with his little IV.

We had the most wonderful surprise while we were gone. This cute girl home from college watched our kids for us and before we returned home with the help of the sister missionaries from church cleaned our floors and bathrooms and had dinner in the freezer ready to cook. It was the most unexpected surprise and I appreciated it SO much.
I was not sure how Alexander would recover. He has been a trooper, but grumpy, achy and very needy. When he attempted to crawl for the first time this evening he tipped over on his face and then his side, eventually he gave up and curled back into our arms.

It is so exciting to have the surgery behind us.

Oh, how I look forward to soothing Alexander with my voice. :)

Have a WONDERFUL night.


Spencer Family said...

I am so glad everything went so well. We've been thinking about you guys all day! I can't believe how big Alexander is getting. We miss you guys! Keep us posted on his recovery.

Celeste said...

Congratulations. I'm so happy all went well! Good Luck with next big step!

noodled said...

Hi Monica!
I'm so glad that the surgery went well for Alexander!! You are all always in our prayers.Don't forget about us!! We sure miss you guys.
Noelle :0)

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

We too are grateful that everything went well during the surgery. I can't even imagine how hard it must have been for you to watch him go through all of that. We had to put tubes in Madison's ears and I about died watching her because I could tell she was not enjoying it at all and that is nothing compared to what Alexander had to go through. Our prayers will continue to be with you. Your cousin Liz

Todd and Juliana said...

That is such great news! Thanks for sharing your experiences and keeping us updated. I hope that everything continues to go well for your family!

Shelley said...


We've been thinking of you and Alexander all glad the surgery is behind and all went well. We'll keep checking in for updates on his recovery!

Shelley and Family

Katy said...

It is amazing to think all we take for granted when we can hear. I had not thought about what deaf children and their parents actually miss: the singing, the laughter, the softly whispered "I love you." I am so glad things are going well.

jharmer said...


We are are thrilled to know that the surgery is over and his recovery is well underway. Again, you are always in our thoughts and prayers!