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Head Wound Harry

After getting advice from a handful of people on how to best help Alexander after the surgery, how to remove the bandages, what it would look like and what to be concerned about this is what I imagined.

So I pushed it off a day or two.

I decided to wait until Jon was home and the other 2 boys were sleeping. Then I figured Alexander would feel most comfortable in a warm bath so I would proceed with the unveiling of the wound there. I was also hoping that the bath would help loosen some of the tape that was caught in his hair and stuck to his scalp.

I guess they shaved the hair off the side of his head. They didn't ask me for permission, I would have had them do the other side to make it even.

A bath makes everything feel better! Do you like the tape marks across his forehead? It was a bear to get off.

These are his stitches. The photo makes them look a lot better then they look in real life. My thumb is on the implanted device and there is bruising and swelling in that area and around his ear. He has the extra cut beyond the back of his ear because of his rotating cochleas. I was told by some audiologists yesterday that they used to have to make a huge cut down the side of the head to accommodate for rotating cochleas, obviously our surgeon was able to find a less invasive way to access them. Thank you again!

Alexander is still waking up throughout the night crying and simply not wanting to settle down and sleep. I hope the discomfort will end soon so we can get back to a normal sleep schedule.


Who Knew . . . said...

I am so glad to see him smile as he played in the bath after the bandages were off. Can't wait to come play soon.

Grace said...

I am so glad everything went well and he looks just as beautiful as ever...and happy too! Good work getting the tape off...I would've just left it to wear off itself :)

Celeste said...

It's good to see him smiling, hope things get better!